BRIDGEWATER, NJ - The Bridgewater Township Council is concerned about trucks driving along Washington Valley Road, and they are working to see if traffic issues can be alleviated once the construction is complete.

The council also voted to have Somerset County’s engineer look into a study, pursuant to state regulations, to determine whether it would be appropriate to restrict vehicles in excess of 10 ton from using Washington Valley Road, particularly as a cut-through to Route 78. Major road repairs have been taking place this year on Washington Valley Road, which has also disrupted some local school bus routes.
“This would start the process,” said Moench.
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Councilman Felipe Pedroso asked for clarification regarding how heavy certain types of trucks are, such as dump trucks or 18-wheelers.

Norgalis said truck weights are normally a representation of how much weight a particular truck carries, with a three-tandem trailer truck weighing as much as 80,000 pounds, or 40 tons.

Moench added that moving trucks of the kind used by residents when changing addresses are not the kinds of trucks in question, according to a similar study he said had been done in Piscataway, and an exception could possibly be made for homeowners. The fear is still having increased heavy traffic on Washington Valley Road as a means of bypassing local highways, and that the resolution is simply a means of asking the county to examine the situation.
Norgalis admitted he didn’t hold out much hope.
“I don’t see where we would put it,” he said of the traffic.

Moench suggested Route 22 or Route 78, although he added the quarry off Chimney Rock Road would be a different story.
That resolution was also moved by a 4-0 vote.
“Keep these trucks off our roads,” said Pedroso.