BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Bridgewater Township Police, along with departments all around Somerset County, are investigating an increase in burglaries of unlocked motor vehicles over the last week.

Bridgewater Township Police Lt. Michael Maxwell said the township was fortunate to see no vehicle burglaries last week in Bridgewater, but they are being on the lookout with an increased rash around the county.

"As for proceeds and locations for recent burglaries, I do not have any information except that they primarily targeted unlocked vehicles," he said. "From my experience, the vast majority of vehicle burglaries are a crime of opportunity, and almost all are to unlocked vehicles."

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Unfortunately, Maxwell said, they occur everywhere, business, restaurants, parks, gyms and in driveways. Items being stolen are anything of value, including money, high end sunglasses, electronics, purses and wallets.

Police said the majority of these kinds of burglaries can be prevented, and residents are being asked to lock their doors, close the windows all the way up, avoid leaving valuables or keys inside the vehicles and keep garage door openers out of plain view.

"As an agency, we just wanted to put out a public safety notice to everyone who lives, works and visits our township," Maxwell said. "The two most important things people can do to avoid becoming a victim is to lock their vehicles, and, if they must keep valuables inside, hide them from plain view, preferably in the trunk."

In addition, police said, anyone who sees or suspects any kind of crime or suspicious activity should call the police immediately.