BRIDGEWATER, NJ - The district is in the midst of testing the water levels of all the schools for lead, and three of the schools have come back positive in a few locations that are not used for drinking.

According to business administrator Peter Starrs, two locations in Adamsville Primary School exceeded the threshold for lead parts per billion. The first, he said, is in an art room faucet that is not used, and the other is in the kitchen in a faucet used for dishwashing.

Starrs said there were also high levels found in nine locations each in Hillside and Eisenhower intermediate schools.

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All of them, Starrs said, were in former or existing science labs, and are not drinking water stations.

“Through the month of April, we will be doing all the testing, and hopefully have all the results by mid May,” he said.

Starrs said they are doing the work economically because one of the district maintenance workers is doing the collections to send off to the lab.

Starrs said that, as per state requirement, they are testing all of the water fixtures in all the schools and the Wade building. All of the results will be posted on the district website,, as they are released.