To the Editor:

Very soon the Bridgewater Zoning Board will be making a decision on a proposal for a 24-hour mega-gas station, seeking a location on Route 28, next to Melicks Farm, across the street from a major residentially zoned neighborhood in the working-class bedroom community of Bridgewater.  

There have been previous attempts to establish a Quick Check on Route 28, which were not approved. As citizens who would be most affected by this decision, we do not see any reason why this proposal should be revisited in the same residential area as previously requested. 

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The fact that this project would require 22 zoning variances, is in itself indicative that this proposal would be a gross attempt to override the town's restrictions outlined in the zoning code.

Though this property may be presented as a non-producing, non-profitable parcel to the owner(s), it does not mean that the residents should bare the burden of a self-created hardship.

If this proposal is approved by Bridgewater Township, the neighbors can expect the following to now be part of their everyday residential life:

  • 16 Gas pumps and 24-hour Retail store
  • Fuel deliveries – 6 to 8 times per week
  • Major deliveries – 6 times per week
  • Smaller truck deliveries – 5 times per day
  • Trash pick-up – 2 to 3 times per week

Quick Check has also stated that they would not allow trucks to access the proposed driveway from Route 28.  We question how they plan to enforce this. 

There are already several gas stations and convenience stores within 1-2 miles of the proposed location. Our residential community was never intended to be zoned as a commercial district. The type of business proposed does not benefit the residents of Bridgewater.  Additionally, an approval of these variances will certainly set an unwanted precedence for future development, and open Route 28, as well as other developed and undeveloped tracts in our town, to undesirable infringement onto residential areas.

As tax-paying residents, we fear that many environmental, safety and traffic concerns are being ignored, and the location of this project would certainly diminish the property values of the area. 

We strongly oppose this 24-hour mega-gas station in our area, as well as in any other  non-commercial area in Bridgewater, and respectfully request that this application be denied.


Bridgewater Residents United