BRIDGEWATER, NJ - The Bridgewater Township fire district elections were held Saturday, with an average of less than 100 voters turning out per district.

In district one, which is the Martinsville Volunteer Fire Company, Bill Rose was re-elected to a three-year term, earning 76 votes. He ran unopposed for the position, and a write-in candidate got 16 votes.

Evan Rosenberg, running unopposed for a one-year unexpired term, received 74 votes, while a write-in candidate received 11 votes.

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As for the budget, which was set at $712,576 with a total of $531,137 to be raised by taxation, there were 84 votes in favor and only 13 votes against.

District one saw a total of 97 ballots cast.

 In district two, which is the Bradley Gardens Fire Company, incumbent Debra Brown defeated Flo Skorny for one open commissioner seat, with 50 votes to 21.

The budget passed, with 56 votes for and 15 votes again. The budget is set at $481,163, with $464,483 to be raised by taxation.

In district three, which is the Green Knoll Fire Company, there were a total of 138 votes cast.

Incumbent Jeff Holtz was re-elected to the one open commissioner seat with 117 votes, while challenger Jimmy Vitale received 19 votes. There was one vote for a write-in candidate.

The budget also passed, with 125 votes for anD nine votes against. The budget is set at $935,295, with $933,795 to be raised by taxation.

Finally, in district four which is the Finderne Fire Company, voter turnout was about average, with 41 total votes cast.

The two incumbents were re-elected to the two open seats on the commission, with Samantha Ally receiving 37 votes and Carl Spolarich receiving 36 votes.

The budget passed with a vote of 39 votes for and two against. The budget is set at $617,873, with a taxable portion of $582,765.