BRANCHBURG, NJ - Kangaroo Kids children learned about dental health with a visit from Branchburg Pediatric Dentistry.           

They taught the children at Kangaroo Kids how to be responsible in choosing foods, preventing plaque and cavities and general dental care like brushing twice a day and flossing between their teeth.

A lively discussion about “Teeth Friendly” foods demonstrated how important it was for the children to make smart choices about healthy foods for dental health and also their general health.

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At the conclusion of the presentation the children were given new toothbrushes and participated in a demonstration of proper tooth brushing techniques.    

In a real-life scenario, teachers gave children the opportunity to brush the teeth of their baby dolls.  It was a fun learning experience and all Kangaroo Kids baby dolls now have sparkling teeth! 

March is Open House month at Kangaroo Kids.  Call 908-231-7800 to schedule a visit or email