BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Each week, two students at Bridgewater-Raritan High School will be honored as students of the week.

Students are chosen by teachers and staff in the high school.

The students of the week for the week of May 16 are:

  • Morgan Czajkowski - (nominated by Rob Thorp and Laura Hnasko) Perseverance and passion for learning - Morgan personifies these characteristics in abundance, amongst many others. In our current reading of the novel "Siddhartha," she has consistently volunteered to read aloud, offered valuable and passionate insights into the novel's deeper themes of non-materialistic living, connecting to nature and, above all, listening to one's own inner voice. Her work in this unit goes above and beyond, despite its rigor. She is to be commended. 
  • Catherine Marlen - (nominated by Colleen Buzby) Catherine has turned over a new leaf in Earth and Space Science during the second half of the year. She chose to move herself to the front of the room, works hard in lab and is an eager participant every day. When Catherine is unsure of something, she will seek help and ask clarifying questions so she truly understands the material. She recognizes the importance of hard work and has made a personal effort to change her attitude for the better. I am so proud of the renewed dedication she is bringing to the class and the success she is experiencing.

Editors Note - Every week we will publish the BRHS Students of the Week. Congratulations to all those students recognized.