To the Editor:

Senator Mike Doherty is a results oriented colleague that diligently works for the residents of Raritan and beyond. 

He has done many things for his constituents in Raritan and Bridgewater. Most recently and significantly he worked to improve First Avenue/Country Club Road.  Once contacted, Senator Doherty put together a team of Somerset County and local officials to meet with NJDOT.  He knew the intersection at First Ave and Route 202 is severely broken and this was the opportunity to fix it. His leadership resulted in a NJDOT and Federal agreement to radically change the Route 202 jug handle alignment. This is a big win for the thousands of his constituents that travel Route 202, First Avenue and Country Club Road. 

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As a fellow small business owner, I’ve experienced firsthand that Senator Doherty ‘gets it”. Just last quarter, he led the effort to help a local employer through the regulatory maize in Trenton.  He personally intervened to advance environmental initiatives that were delayed due to miscommunication between various departments in our State Capital.

Senator Doherty is a West Point Graduate, a Veteran, a recognized champion of small businesses and a fiscal conservative.

In my short time as Mayor of Raritan Borough, it became very clear to me that Senator Mike Doherty is a hardworking and determined person. Representing us is Mike Doherty’s first priority. He has earned my trust and my vote. Please join with me and return Mike Doherty to the Senate. 


Chuck McMullin

Mayor, Raritan Borough