BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Each week, two students at Bridgewater-Raritan High School will be honored as students of the week.

Students are chosen by teachers and staff in the high school.

The students of the week for the week of April 18 are:

  • Kiersten Farrell - (nominated by Randy Moncelsi) Kiersten is a pleasant, hardworking student that always strives for academic excellence. She is an active participant in class and always works well with other students. Kiersten often takes the leadership role during group activities by helping other students. She is also considerate and caring about her fellow students. Kiersten noticed that one of her classmates was absent for a few days. She offered to stop by the student's house and bring her the classwork she missed so she wouldn't fall behind in class.
  • George Ghviniashvili - (nominated by Amanda Hodge) George is always the first student to enter the classroom for my Period 9 Lit class. One day, he saw me cleaning up pen ink on the floor, and he immediately dropped his backpack on the ground and came over to help me, unprompted. George's conscientiousness and willingness to help was greatly appreciated and should not go unrecognized.

Editors Note - Every week we will publish the BRHS Students of the Week. Congratulations to all those students recognized.