BRIDGEWATER, NJ - More results from water testing in the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District have been released, and a few locations in Van Holten Primary and the Harmon V. Wade Administration Building have been found to have elevated lead levels.

According to a report posted on the district website, 64 locations were tested at Van Holten, with two showing elevated lead levels.

At the Wade building, 22 locations were tested, with seven showing elevated lead levels.

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These latest results were received April 7.

Business Administrator Peter Starrs said the locations in Van Holten were faucets not used for drinking, and the ones at Wade were fountains in offices that are not used.

All have been resolved, Starrs said.

According to the release on the website, all elevated locations will have appropriate remedial action taken, either removing the water line, installing a filter or placing signage declaring that the water is unsafe for drinking purposes.

These tests are part of the district-wide water testing as required by the state. All the district buildings are being tested, and, as results come in, written notification is provided to parents/guardians of all students, and the Department of Education.

High levels of lead were already reported in two locations at Adamsville Primary, and nine locations each at Hillside and Eisenhower intermediate schools. All the locations reported with high levels were non-drinking stations.