BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Each week, two students at Bridgewater-Raritan High School will be honored as students of the week.

Students are chosen by teachers and staff in the high school.

The students of the week for the week of Jan. 17 are:

  • Jamie Glassman - (nominated by Lindsay Hamilton) Jamie was ahead on material in class and, instead of focusing on other work, she spent a significant amount of time helping other students prepare for an upcoming exam. Her willingness to help and her ability to explain the material in a new way so her classmates understood was awesome.
  • Damjano Trendafili - (nominated by Frau Lerch) I was on my way to my period 9 duty. Trying to make up time, I chose to go outside to the 100 building, and my post between the locker rooms. I was having difficulty with my books, bags and other "stuff." Damjano recognized this and asked if he could help. I was a little disorganized. He simply took my bags, opened doors and generally helped me to get to my post. I very much appreciated his help.

Editors Note - Every week we will publish the BRHS Students of the Week. Congratulations to all those students recognized.