BRIDGEWATER, NJ - I want to remain part of the board of education to continue to improve education for all students, regardless of where they sit on the spectrum, and to foster an inclusive environment.  While there have been many positive strides taken over the last three years that I have been involved with the board, there is still much more that can be done. I want to be part of the continually evolving solution. 

My voice on the board adds experience drawn from industry, teaching, tutoring, parenting of my own children and reflections from my personal educational journey. I am willing to speak out against the majority when I feel strongly about an issue, to listen to and consider everyone’s perspective and to revise my own views based on these inputs. As an example of where I have been willing to take a stand is with respect to adding Diwali as a school holiday.  I believe that in the spirit of inclusiveness, we need to determine objective, consistent criteria for adding new holidays to the school calendar to reflect changing demographics of our community. 

My goals for the coming term continue to center around improving education for all students.  Support of this goal comes in many forms, such as assessing students beyond what is required by law for dyslexia and establishing full day kindergarten. In addition, we can offer better integration of technology into the curriculum to improve learning outcomes, add more opportunities at the high school such as “academies” and introduce computer programming at younger grades.  I continue to strongly believe in identification of student needs and early intervention to address those needs, whether that is to provide remediation or enrichment. I will continue to keep this in the forefront of my decision-making to avidly promote this effort going forward.