RARITAN, NJ - An audience member took a piece of paper on which she had sketched a simple drawing and placed it on Tom Kennedy’s outstretched palm. Without looking at the drawing – because he was completely blindfolded — he proceeded to explain, in vivid detail, the drawing she had made.

And the audience applauded as the “Other Mentalist” wowed the crowd again.

Kennedy, of Raritan, is a mentalist, and performs his show that uses the five senses, with the illusion of a sixth, to astound audiences.

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“I use everything I know about human nature, psychology, scripting, trickery and deceit, and combine them with my five senses in order to create the illusion of a sixth,” he said. “Then I take that and wrap it in interactive and hilarious demonstrations designed to entertain and blow people’s minds.”

Kennedy said he became a mentalist because of what it offers to an audience.

“The real answer is that being a mentalist offers a completely unique set of wonderful challenges that I find incredibly stimulating,” he said. “A magician can use trickery and dexterity to find a card. What happens if someone just thinks of a card?”

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