Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced many businesses to operate virtually to maintain social distancing. These businesses must continue to maintain operations and support their customers. However, many businesses are already feeling the economic impact of the Coronavirus. Companies that lack technology infrastructure to support their business and customers might end up losing them. To help businesses through the current crisis, the NJ-based technology consulting company, Invonto, is offering $5 million in service credits including free cloud hosting, reduced service fees, and deferred payment along with other benefits.

Invonto, a technology consulting company based in New Jersey, recently announced support initiatives for US-businesses affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. To combat the virus, companies are practicing social distancing by operating remotely. Companies that do not have the proper technology infrastructure are finding it difficult to operate efficiently and meet customer needs. While large corporations have cash reserves to rapidly create new digital solutions to meet new business requirements, small and medium-sized businesses are feeling the crunch.

Funding critical digital solutions may not be feasible for small businesses. Companies that fail to adapt to this new world of social distancing are especially vulnerable to losing their customers and eventually their business. To support companies through these crucial times, Invonto is offering $5 million in service credits to assist companies in improving their technology operations. Invonto is also offering technical assistance to biotech companies building tech solutions to fight against COVID-19.

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Invonto’s program will help companies meet their current technology needs and prepare their business for accelerated growth when the current crisis ends.

“We are not healthcare professionals. We cannot be on the frontline against the Coronavirus. However, we don’t want to stay on the sidelines either. With our initiatives, we are offering support to the companies that need help. We believe that by improving technology operations now, these companies will be in better shape to succeed in the future.” said Maulik Shah, CEO of Invonto.

Invonto has announced several key initiatives as part of its program to award $5 million in service credits towards eligible projects. Invonto will provide free cloud hosting to customers for one year. Invonto will reduce consulting and development fees for new projects. Invonto will also provide hourly and on-demand services without long-term commitments. Additionally, Invonto will defer payments up to 60 days. The detailed announcement is published on Invonto’s website at

“These are unprecedented and uncertain times. We are simultaneously facing a health and economic crisis. Besides these support initiatives, we are also speaking with biotech and pharmaceutical companies researching solutions for Coronavirus and offering our technical assistance. We have to support our community to get through the current crisis. That is the only way forward.” Maulik said.

If you are a business that needs help to maintain your current technology operations or creating new technology solutions for the changing business environment, Invonto can help. Please contact the Invonto team at to see if your business is eligible.

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