BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Each week, two students at Bridgewater-Raritan High School will be honored as students of the week.

Students are chosen by teachers and staff in the high school.

The students of the week throughout the month of October were:

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Oct. 16:

  • Ashley Natale - (nominated by Barbara Hopkins) Ashley exemplifies a hard working student. She is kind to her classmates and helps her group members achieve success. She is continually asking questions that benefit the whole class and doesn't stop until she understands what's being explained. Ashley will stay after class to make sure she knows what is expected of her. I commend Ashley for her dedication to learning and being a self advocate.
  • Dan Ramirez - (nominated by Aileen Zylberman) Dan takes PE Partners and is paired with a boy named Matt. Matt liked Dan's hat, so Dan let him wear it during class. Matt was upset when Dan took back the hat, so Dan went to the mall after school to buy Matt his own hat. When he gave it to Matt the next day, he made his day.

Oct. 23:

  • Alex Radha - (nominated by Daniel Jennings) Alex always comes to class prepared and enthusiastic to learn. He is courteous and respectful to staff and to fellow students. He has a quick wit and a fun-loving sense of humor. He works well in groups and independently. He is sensitive to others and projects good citizenship.
  • Jessica Pochek - (nominated by Scott Linzer and Chris Black) Jessica is a hard working, dedicated student. She has done amazing work in Media Communications, BRTV and the Media Club, including the September staff video, which she planned, filmed and edited all on her own time. Jess is currently serving as co-executive producer of BRTV News and co-president of the media club. In addition to her work in school, Jessica also recently received her Girl Scout Gold Award. She is a hard working and dedicated student. It has been our pleasure to have her in class and in a leadership role with BRTV and the Media Club.

Oct. 30:

  • Keith Griggs - (nominated by Renee Zaleski and Samantha Cichon) Keith is a role model for his peers. Keith always has a positive attitude toward math and chemistry. Keith is willing to work with his classmates regardless of their skills set or social level. Keith always participates and is an all-around hard working student.
  • Alexis Thomas (nominated by Kristen Pesce) I am a one-to-one assistant to Cosette Ruh, Cosette and Alexis share two classes together, crafts and lit. Alexis is very helpful to me and my student Cosette in both classes. Often times, Alexis will hand me whatever papers are being passed out so Cosette does not have to wait, she will get me a laptop so I do not have to wait in line for one (helping Cosette get started on her work faster), and she will help me out when I am looking for certain materials for Cosette. Alexis is very kind and considerate, and Cosette and I both wanted to recognize her thoughtfulness. Her help is great appreciated.

Nov. 6:

  • Aaron Cassius - (nominated by Sarah Nasson) Aaron is always willing to help advisers and peers during robotics. Aaron has shown a strong growth in character and ability to work that has really made him excel.
  • Kate Scagliotta (nominated by Rob Thorp) Kate is an intellectual leader in our American Film Studies class. Always one of the first to offer her insights, Kate infuses deep thoughts into her discussions, both written and verbal, which elevates those around her with her unique sense of humor and ability to see the world around her.

Editors Note - Every week we will publish the BRHS Students of the Week. Congratulations to all those students recognized.