To the Editor:

I am a parent of a currently enrolled kindergartener in the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District, as well as have a 3-year-old daughter who I am anxiously hopeful will be able to participate in a full day kindergarten program in our district.

We both work full time. My son is attending the half day kindergarten in Bridgewater with supplemental enrichment program at another facility. I am noticing a great disadvantage compared with other districts who provide full day. My son has always participated in a full day education program, and with the half day kindergarten, the curriculum that is squeezed into the few morning hours does not provide adequate time to process the new information and the enrichment program in the afternoon does not reinforce what the morning curriculum provides.

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I find it very disheartening that our district is not realistically looking at the possibility for enacting a full day kindergarten program where many districts have seen the values and moved forward with this step.

The NEA has a wonderful site that provides tools, resources and implementation plans, and highlights their recognition that full day kindergarten programs really work to ensure overall success both educationally, socially and emotionally for students.

I have not seen any specific response or supportive rationale provided by the board of education and its followers that would outline why full day kindergarten would not be possible to implement. A task force was formed however with no results or work to outline a position from what I have seen so far in addition to lack of response to those requesting status on full day kindergarten.  Hillsborough, Branchburg, along with many other districts across the state have or are in the process of implementing a full day kindergarten program.

I feel my children deserve the same advantages as others to be successful in their academic journey.


Elizabeth Brown