BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Parent Lisa Weinstock spoke at a recent board of education meeting about the safety of students on a recent Music in the Parks field trip at Dorney Park – questioning whether board policies were followed by staff in charge.

Weinstock said she was a chaperone on the trip, and was unhappy that certain rules were not followed.

First, she said, she didn’t get the information about what she would be doing as a chaperone in advance of the trip, as is required by board policy.

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“I didn’t know the kids would be on their own during the trip,” she said. “Children were allowed to enter the park on their own.”

And, Weinstock said, she found all the teachers sitting in the cabana instead of walking around the park.

“I think there should be only two there, and they should be rotating,” she said.

With this and a few other concerns, Weinstock said, she feels all the safety procedures have to be looked at again.

“I don’t feel the parents had enough information, and I was not given written information as a chaperone,” she said. “I am sure all parents feel their children are priceless.”

Weinstock said she was told there was never a problem with the trip in the past – but, she said, she doesn’t feel that that means they can be lax with the rules.

The board and interim superintendent Cheryl Dyer said they would look into procedures and how the trip was handled and report back at a later date.