To the Editor:

Providing the facts to a misguided Lance supporter.

Dorothy Burger should stop believing the lies told by Lance.  That fairy tale about property taxes has been debunked long ago.  David did not dodge any taxes.  In fact, he actual paid MORE than he needed to and Tewksbury Township was the better because of it.  Contacting the tax collector to verify this fact is easy to do.

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As for running multiple times, does she believes Lance should hold elective office for his entire life?  Does she believe Americans need a permanent ruling class?  The Republican Party is chock-full of examples where great candidates ran multiple times before people realized their mistake of selecting lesser candidates.  Two notable ones are Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

As for Lance's ethics, he sends out campaign mailers using taxpayer dollars, cites the small handful of positive votes in an effort to camouflage his overall miserable voting record where he is ranked far BELOW the AVERAGE Republican by leading broad-based organizations, and, besides his usual distortions, includes outright lies about sponsoring legislation.

As for being fiscally responsible, I once believed those lies, too.  Then I did some checking for myself.  His Lance Amendment is a farce.  Borrowing without voter approval has been part of New Jersey's Constitution since 1844 and restated in our current Constitution of 1947.  It was the Justices on New Jersey's Supreme Court that allowed our laws to be violated and Lance voted to reaffirm every single one AFTER they permitted the borrowing without voter approval.  This behavior earned him a mention in the book, "The Soprano State".

When Lance was in Trenton, he held top positions on the Budget and Appropriation committees.  During his tenure, New Jersey's budget nearly tripled.

In Congress, he voted multiple times to fund Obamacare and even enlarged its scope.  When he had the opportunity to prevent its implementation, he voted with the democrats and against a majority of Republicans to fund the unleashing of Obamacare upon Americans.

Through multiple votes, Lance has directly been responsible for about $4 trillion in additional debt.  He votes for budgets and then turns around and votes for spending that exceeds that very budgets he agreed to.  

How are these the actions of "fiscal responsibility"?

For the sake of our nation and future generations, we cannot continue on its current path.  We need to rid ourselves of those in government like Leonard Lance that have perpetuated this crisis.  Enough with repeatedly kicking the can down the road to future congresses.  The can that needs to be kicked to the curb belongs to Leonard Lance.

The same old, same old will only produce the same old, same old.  Now is the time for conservative solutions.  Solutions that David Larsen has not veered from since he first entered the political arena.  With our economy handicapped by Washington policies, wouldn't it be better to be represented by a successful small businessman like David Larsen than a third generation politician that went straight from school into elected office?  For me, I want someone who actually lived in the real world and had to personally deal with the same issues we all face.  On June 3rd, I will be voting for David Larsen and I strongly suggest that all Republicans and unaffiliated voters who care about our nation's future also go their usual voting places and cast their votes for David Larsen.


Frank Johnson