With or without the pandemic, nurses take care of the sick, the healthy and the dying from birth to old age. One of the most prominent groups of nurses are Filipino-American nurses. For decades, Filipino-American nurses have been one of the vital forces in our nation’s healthcare system. Nursing is ingrained in the Filipino culture and it is innate for them to be resilient, selfless, determined, and compassionate. Additionally, family is very important to the Filipino culture. One of the many reasons Filipino-American nurses provide the highest quality of care is because every single patient they take care of is viewed as a part of their family.

The Philippine Nurses Association of New Jersey (PNANJ) have been promoting the intellectual, cultural, socio-economic, and personal well-being of Filipino-American nurses and their allies since 1976. In Somerset County, the PNANJ Subchapter is composed of 150 members who work in hospitals, nursing care facilities, outpatient care centers, offices, home healthcare, corporate settings, non-profit settings, public health organizations and in other important facets of the community. It is a great group of multi-talented individuals who continue to utilize their God-given talents to improve the lives of everyone around them at their workplace and in their community.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline workers, especially nurses, have seen the worst of the crisis. Many of them are physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. Although they are exhausted, these head strong individuals never give up and never lose hope. They are still looking at the bright side and are still focused on their mission to save lives.

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To show their appreciation to their fellow nurses, PNANJ-Somerset Subchapter officers mobilized “Nanays” or mom task force. The “Nanays” consisted of the PNANJ Somerset’s highly supportive moms who have been their role models, confidants, mentors, advisors and their number one fans. So far, three women have stepped up and became a force of nature in this task force, creating 150 masks in one week. We love our Nanays! Salamat Nanays! We are blessed to have a highly supportive community.

Come, yes you! Become a part of the PNANJ-Somerset Subchapter or be one of the Nanays, please email us at pnanjsomerset@gmail.com or contact Hannie Rivero, PNANJ-Somerset President at hanilen@yahoo.com. Everyone is welcome regardless of his or her ethnicity.