BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Quick Chek has withdrawn its application for a new building on routes 22 and 28 in Bridgewater, according to a release from the corporation.

The plan was to build the business on the vacant Tectonic property on Route 22 East. Hearings have been held since June 2015 on the application, with the next one originally scheduled for Feb. 23, when witnesses for the objectors were expected to testify.

According to the release, the company believes that because of so many site concessions being sought for the store, it would not be able to provide the services and benefits it normally provides to its customers.

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One of the biggest concessions was to remove the entrance to the property from Route 28, leaving only one entrance in and out of the facility on Route 22.

"Quick Chek believes its prototype new store model with a customer-friendly floor plan featuring expansive wide aisles, a Q Cafe serving custom-blended hot and cold beverages, indoor and outdoor seating, well-lighted fuel stations and parking lots with wide, easy-to-use entrances and exits that add to a shopper's convenience, would provide valuable services to Bridgewater residents," the release said.

Quick Chek, according to the release, had been looking to build a second store in Bridgewater to go along with the existing one on Union Avenue.

According to the release, the corporation is leaving options open for a future second location in Bridgewater.

Members of Bridgewater Residents United, which opposed the application, were proud to hear the news.

“We fought the good fight, and it’s nice to see the results,” said Inderpreet Banga, one of the founders of the group, which had hired an attorney and experts to refute testimony from Quick Chek. “We were preparing for hearings, and this is a blessing in disguise because funds are hard to raise.”

Banga said the organization had been sending emails to township administration, planning board members and others with their objections to the application.

“Everyone had received 50 or 100 emails from people who didn’t want this to go through,” he said. “I think Quick Chek finally felt the pressure after we had our planner testify.”

The planner had begun his testimony at the Feb. 2 meeting, focusing on the number of gas stations already present within a five-minute drive from the proposed Quick Chek.

“We’re so happy that this was able to transpire as it did,” he said.