RARITAN, NJ - The Raritan Borough Council gave its first approval for the go-ahead on a $625,200 capital budget that includes roads improvements, weapons purchases and more.

Mayor Charles McMullin said, with regard to road improvements, they are looking at about $450,000 in work to be done.

“Don’t we normally go between $300,000 and $400,000 a year?” he asked.

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Borough administrator Dan Jaxel said they do, but that sometimes if there is no big ticket item that year, it could rise to around $500,000.

In addition, McMullin noted that the department of public works was initially looking to purchase three new trucks. Of the three though, he said, a skid steer loader is the top priority, for $42,200.

“If we want to go with that and hold off on the other two, it’s a versatile piece of equipment,” he said.

The police department is also requesting $25,000 for the purchase of new guns.

Police Chief Kenneth McCormick said they are looking to replace guns purchased eight years ago.

“They are starting to fail,” he said. “They have been nothing but problems.”

The fire department is requesting $60,000 for a command vehicle, and McMullin said he would like to investigate whether there are any lease possibilities for it to lower costs.

“It still gets calculated as capital financing, but we pay for it over time,” he said.

The council gave the initial approval for $625,200 in a capital budget, which includes $25,000 for police weapons; $42,200 for a skid steer loader; $145,000 each for work on Bell and Sherman avenues; $100,000 for sewer work; $100,000 for miscellaneous road repairs; and $60,000 for the command vehicle.