To the Editor:

Over the past six weeks, my running mates and I campaigned throughout the neighborhoods of Raritan. It was most invigorating for us to visit with many friends and to meet so many welcoming supporters. We are humbled by the positive response we have met and look forward to building upon this confidence as we progress toward the Nov. 3 General Election.

During the coming weeks and months ahead, we look forward to personally meeting more Raritan residents and having conversations about reinvigorating our community. Our guiding principle for governing and decision-making is the very simple guidepost: “Raritan First.”  This is our benchmark for making all decisions now and in the future.

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The people of Raritan deserve an experienced leader as mayor and more capable and energetic people on the council. Our “Raritan First” team will provide this. We are committed to restoring civility and productivity within our governing body and once again having Raritan known as the “Friendly Town.”

In closing, a very special thanks to those taking the time and effort to work through the inclement weather and cast their vote. We very much appreciate your support.


Chuck McMullin – for Mayor
Bryanna Danyluk – for Councilwoman
Zach Bray – for Councilman

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