EAST AMWELL, NJ – All sorts of contests for the public to enter were held at the Hunterdon County 4-H and Agricultural Fair. Following are results from some of those shows:

The 4th annual Hay Bale Toss was held next to the Main Stage and attracted numerous entries. There were five categories and the winners are: under 10 years-old category, Nora Rosetti; 10-14, Wyatt Ditzel of East Amwell; women, Hannah Schwartz of Raritan; men, Brian Rosetti; and senior, Mitchell Morrison. Betty Jane Hunt of West Amwell, a leader of the Mount Airy Dairy 4-H Club, also took part in the senior category after being urged to by cheering club members.

A blindfolded garden tractor driving contest was held right after the Garden Tractor Pull at the Fair. In the contest, all operators use the same tractor. Each driver is blindfolded using a new large bandanna, provided by the organizers, and keeps it as a souvenir. Each has a partner riding in a cart behind the tractor, can only say “midday” or “whoa” and uses long sticks to tap the right or left shoulder so that the driver steers in that direction. Nine teams competed; one pair was two women and four teams were two men. There was a tie for 1st place, so the top finishes drove again to eliminate the other team. Winners were Mike and Edie Vella from Raritan Township. Honorable mention to Mackenzie and Tom Hlasney of Pittstown.

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The garden tractor pull was divided into categories based on weight of tractor and age and sex of operator. First place in the 900 pound junior class went to Kenny Modica, 14, of Milford, pulling 88 feet, 3 inches on his Cub Cadet tractor. Other rankings: second, Thomas Occhipinti, 15, Lebanon, Wheel Horse, 75 feet, 6 inches; 3rd, Lucas Reed, Flemington, Simplicity, 56 feet, 2 inches 900-pound class for adults, first, Robbie Compton, Bloomsbury, IH 70, 80 feet, 5 inches; 2nd, Scott Rasile, Wheel Horse, 75 feet even; 3rd, Bill Fulop, New Egypt, Cub Cadet 110, 70 feet, 6 inches. 1,000 pound, 1st, Todd Dicksen, Harmony, Cub Cadet, 99 feet, 7 inches; 2nd, Bill Fulop, New Egypt, Cub Cadet 100 Tractor, 79 feet, seven inches; 3rd, Ben Lambert, Asbury, Cub Cadet 128, 71 feet even 1,100 pound class, 1st, Max Wheeler, Flemington, 582 Tractor, 106 feet, 6 inches; 2nd, Bill Fulop, New Egypt, Cub Cadet 1200 , 78 feet, 10 inches; 3rd, Scott Rasile, Flemington, Wheel Horse, 78 feet even 900 pound class for women, 1st, Judy Lambert, Phillipsburg, Cub Cadet, 63 feet, 8 inches; 2nd, Audra Lambert, Stockton, Cub Cadet 70, 54 feet, 10 inches; 3rd, Mannon Yukniewicz, Hampton, Cub Cadet 108, 50 feet, 5 inches

Many area farmers competed in the Field Crops show. Results: winter barley, 3rd place, Johnathan Zeng; spring oats, 2nd, Delaware Valley Farm; 3rd, Johnathan Zeng; 3rd, Hemlock Crest Farms; rye, 1st, Delaware Valley Farm; 2nd, Johnathan Zeng; red wheat, 1st, Delaware Valley Farm; 2nd,Everitt Farms; 3rd, Johnathan Zeng. Also, soybeans, 1st, Everitt Farms; 2nd, Johnathan Zeng; shelled corn, 1st, Johnathan Zeng; 2nd, Delaware Valley Farm; 2nd, Everitt Farms; alfalfa first cutting, 2nd, Hun-Val Farm; alfalfa subsequent cutting, 1st, Bernie Beatty; alfalfa-grass mixture, 1st, Bernie Beatty; 2nd, Jared & Treacy Weeks; 3rd, Hun-Val Farm; grass hay, 1st, Claire Jones; 1st, Jared & Treacy Weeks; 2nd, Mitch James; 3rd, Bernie Beatty.

In other hay categories: grass hay subsequent cuttings, 1st, Bernie Beatty; brome grass subsequent cutting, 1st, Christian Bench; 1st, Hemlock Crest Farms; 2nd, Katie Fleming; 3rd, Hemlock Crest Farms; orchard grass, 3rd, Parker Besch; timothy, 1st, Waters Acres; 1st, Hemlock Crest Farms; 2nd, Delaware Valley Farm; 3rd, Mitch James; annual hay, 1st, Delaware Valley Farm; 2nd, Irvin Hockenbury; 3rd, Jake Lauber.

Also, wheat straw, 1st, Hun-Val Farm; 2nd, Everitt Farms; oat straw, 2nd, Isaac Zeng; 2nd, Hemlock Crest Farms; rye straw, 1st, Irvin Hockenbury; 2nd, Jared & Treacy Weeks; 2nd, Hun-Val Farm; 3rd, Everitt Farms; tallest stalks of hybrid field corn, 1st place, Bernie Beatty; 2nd place, Mary Ellen and Jimmy Norten; 3rd place, Tom Zeng; longest sheaves of soybeans, 1st place, Everitt Farms; 2nd place, Bernie Beatty; 3rd place, Tom Zeng; tallest sunflower, 1st, St. John’s Church; 2nd, Reagan McGree; tallest sorghum, 1st, Al Rogovin; corn silage, 1st, Hun-Val Farm; 2nd, Jared & Treacy Weeks; baleage, 2nd, Bernie Beatty.

There was an Open Honey Show at the Fair and all exhibitors are members of the Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association. Here are the results: Frank Beres of Lebanon Township was named Best Exhibitor after takings firsts with lip balm and amber honey, second with mead honey, novelty candle, photography and light amber honey. Lance Tokash of Stockton received Best of Show for his chunk honey, 1st in dark honey and 2nd in amber honey. Jim & Eda Schmalz of Stockton, 1st place light honey and 3rd with light amber honey; Scott Horshall of Lambertville, 1st with honey soap and 2nd with light honey; Becky Wunderlich of Stockton place 3rd with light honey; Deb & Paul Szmaida of Lebanon Township placed 4th with light honey. John Wilson of Lambertville placed 1st with light amber honey; Michael Knapp of Frenchtown placed 3rd for his amber honey. Alice Casey of Lebanon Township placed 4th in amber honey, 2nd in lip balm, 2nd in frame of honey, 1st in novelty candle, and 1st in photography. Stephania Cavitch of Asbury received 4th for light amber honey. Scott Greenwood of Lambertville received 1st for honey soap and 3rd for lip balm while Bob Kloss of Flemington received 1st for frame of honey.