BRANCHBURG, NJ - Kangaroo Kids has been an avid supporter of Read Across America since its inception in 1997. Read Across America is a reading motivational and awareness program, which encourages every child all across the country to celebrate the joy of reading, coinciding with the festivities around Dr. Seuss's Birthday. 

The program also encourages parents to foster a love of reading in their families and demonstrates the benefits of making time to read together.

Kangaroo Kids encourages a love of reading every day. Reading is the key to academic success. 

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During this special week, Kangaroo Kids focused on honoring a great American author and illustrator, and in the process created lasting learning and literature connections through hands-on learning fun, science experiments, guest readers and much more.

Monday was “My Favorite Character Monday,” and everyone was encouraged to dress as their favorite book character. A special guest reader, Sparky from the Somerset Patriots, visited Kangaroo Kids with his representative from the Somerset Patriots to read to the children.

Tuesday was “Top Hat Tuesday” at Kangaroo Kids. Children wore their favorite hats and read "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins."

During “Whacky Wednesday Fun,” children came to school dressed in their own creative whacky ways and created some Sensational Silly Science Fun as they made “OObleck” after reading "Bartholomew and the Oobleck."

“Silly Circus Fun" was on Thursday, when Kangaroo Kids traveled to the Big Apple Circus. After they enjoyed a morning at the circus, they read "If I Ran the Circus" and got their creative juices flowing as they created their own circus adventure.

"Funny Feet Friday" brought many silly socks or mismatched shoes to Kangaroo Kids as children enjoyed reading the Dr. Seuss classics "The Foot Book" and "Fox in Socks."  

Pre-kindergarten teacher Kyle Jordon entertained the children with music to stories. 

For more information about Kangaroo Kids and any of its many programs, please contact Kathy Feigley, director at 908-231-7800 or visit us on facebook at Kangaroo Kids Child Care.

Those who are interested can also request a tip sheet for ideas to encourage a love of reading in your child.