To the editor:

I’m writing this as an open letter to the Change4Bridgewater candidates – Jeffrey Brookner, Patti Selikoff and John Arcoleo, I’m a 52-year-old voter who has neither registered with a party nor claimed any loyalty to one ... ever. However, I’m compelled to support your candidacies, irrespective of party affiliation because:

  • You maintained a fact-based campaign.
  • You stuck to your message.
  • You presented great credentials with respect to both education and experience.
  • When you were critical of your opponents, you did so with due diligence, researching, preparing and presenting from a substantial body of evidence that supports your claims.
  • When you recorded and shared council meetings on YouTube and Facebook, you demonstrated your vision of transparency in government. You actually delivered on campaign promises BEFORE election day.
  • It was never about character assassination.

There are other reasons too. In April, you were the underdogs, unlikely to win because of an incumbent government overwhelmingly dominated by Republicans.

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Republicans have been unchallenged at the polls. It's not just about the failure of a two-party system. Clearly such a government fails to protect healthy debate or a diverse exchange of new ideas.

Such a one-sided government entrenches the status quo. It diminishes accountability and invites the easy way out of a problem. (How much do we borrow every year?)

The status quo from a chronic one-sided government might actually invite exploitation from corporations. Hell, it might actually cause a flood of money to be directed toward a candidate that agrees to a quid pro quo while dismissing the people he's supposed to represent. In fact, we've seen one example of that already.

You're demonstrating that a well researched, fact-based campaign by well-qualified candidates can break the status quo and make a difference in our town. Keep up the good work, and see you at the polls.


Mike Redler