To the Editor:

I recently received a mailer from the Bridgewater Democratic candidates claiming that Bernards’s municipal taxes were lower than Bridgewater’s and that we, as Bridgewater residents, should demand to be more like Bernards. 

However, the Democrats are distorting the facts to confuse Bridgewater voters. The Democrats failed to note in their mailer that Bernards also has a local open space tax and a local library tax. Therefore, according to the Somerset County Board of Taxation, the total local tax rate in Bernards is actually .316 compared to Bridgewater’s .253. 

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While rates are important, so are what residents actually pay.  In 2014, Bernards residents paid 40 percent more (almost $3,500) in total property taxes than Bridgewater residents.  

Leave it to the Democrats to distort the true tax record in Bridgewater and suggest that we should follow a model with higher taxes. Forty percent more tax, no thank you! 

I’m staying in Bridgewater and voting for our current Republican team of Mayor Dan Hayes, Councilman Matthew Moench and Councilwoman Christine Henderson-Rose.


Robert Albano