To the Editor:

I am writing to express my support for Evan Learner for BRRSD Board of Education. I had thepleasure of serving with Evan on the board for approximately a year, and appreciated his practical, grounded approach to tackling issues within our district.

Because of his years of service, he truly understands the challenges our district is facing and can help create and implement solutions to keep us competitive. He creates partnerships between administration and faculty, as well as developing community relationships that benefit our students.  

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I’ve always said “It takes a village” and Evan is not on the Board as a status symbol or to earn a badge of achievement. He truly believes that this is a meaningful way that he can contribute to the success of our district and ultimately our children, and he demonstrates this by creating transparency and working hard to move things forward.

Please consider voting for Evan on Nov. 4, and ensuring that our district will continue to grow in a  positive way.


Daniel Petrozelli