To the Editor:

On Nov. 4 the voters of Bridgewater will elect two members to the Board of Education.  My view of this important election is from the perspective of someone who has been attending meetings of our school board for more than 25 years, including four years on the board. Seldom have I seen the board so divided and factionalized as it is now. While there have been factions on the board at various times over the years, for the past 15 months or so the board has been deeply divided, sometimes to the point of paralysis. A path out of this regrettable situation has become clear. We have a new superintendent, Dr. Hayek, and we need to start electing new board members to work with him. Experience can be important, but when it comes along with power struggles and over-inflated egos, it’s time to choose change instead. We need fresh faces and new ideas to make a start on achieving a new board that will take our district into the future.

While four new candidates are running this year – and any of them could be good board members – I believe the best path away from the fractured and paralyzed board of 2014 is to elect Barry Walker (column 3) and Lisa Weinstock (column 1).

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I have come to know Barry Walker over the past few years as he has become a regular member of the audience at school board meetings. Not only has he attended and observed the board’s actions and learned much about the district, but he also has become an active participant, often commenting on important issues. He also has been very active in the Crim and Hillside PTO’s. It is no secret that I have been actively campaigning for Barry, and I know that it has been time well spent. As the district moves forward with modernization of its educational programs, and deals with the resulting issues of facilities, finance and realignment of sending districts, Barry will be a great asset to the board. 

For the second candidate, I have closely watched and read the statements of the various candidates, and have decided to support Lisa Weinstock. Lisa also has attended a number of board meetings and has been vocal about issues concerning the safety of students. Her passion and zeal for this subject, always an important one in this district, is one that I know will carry over into all the other areas in which she will become involved as a board member.

I do not want to end this letter without saying a good word about another candidate, Chris Larson. If there were three board seats open this year, as there usually are, I would be supporting Chris as well. He is sincere and dedicated. I hope that if he does not get elected this year, he will try again in the future.

This is a crucial election for our district, its students, taxpayers and all other community members.  Let’s make a change and elect Barry Walker and Lisa Weinstock on Nov. 4.


Howard Teichman