To the Editor:

Election Day is nearly upon us, and I wanted to share some final thoughts on the race for mayor in Bridgewater. Whether you consider yourself a Democrat, a Republican or an independent, I urge you to vote for Jeffrey Brookner because he is the best candidate. In local politics, I believe it is much more important to vote for the person than for the party.  

I was introduced to Jeff and his wonderful family from a mutual friend when I moved to Bridgewater 16 years ago. We socialize often, including celebrating our children’s accomplishments, and have been to each other’s homes too many times to count. Jeff and my husband are both attorneys, and when my husband was going through a professional transition a few years ago, Jeff offered him the opportunity to work together on several legal matters. The collaboration was so successful that they decided to keep it going on a part-time basis. I give you this background so you will know that what I say next is not just fluff but from a deep personal knowledge of the man you should choose as the next mayor of Bridgewater.  

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Both of Jeff’s children attended Bridgewater public schools. When he saw certain aspects of the district could be better, he didn’t just complain about it, he ran for the school board (BOE). Jeff prevailed in a hotly contested race because voters believed his calls for change were needed. In a show of commitment, he ran and was reelected to the BOE several more terms, serving a total of 12 years. It is important to note that he ran unopposed in most elections. His longevity running unopposed was not a coincidence - it was a clear sign that the town felt he was doing a great job. While on the BOE, he served on each committee at least once and was president three times. While incredibly stressful, he handled contract negotiations with the teacher’s union calmly, professionally and ethically, and used his analytical and negotiating skills to bring people together. This experience will serve him well as mayor.  

When not busy with his law practice, the BOE and spending time with his family, Jeff enjoys cycling all over town and across the state. Jeff has participated multiple times in the Tour de Pink, a 200-mile charity bike ride. In doing so, he has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Young Survivors Coalition, which supports young women facing breast cancer.  

Based on Jeff’s reputation, he was recruited to run for mayor. He is a dedicated individual who truly wants to work for the residents of Bridgewater to ensure that it remains a desirable community for years to come. He says that he will address overdevelopment, get town debt under control, improve transparency in township decision-making and fix our roads, as well as support our school district and provide necessary personnel to keep our students safe. I believe he can accomplish these tasks.

Anyone whose paid attention to local Bridgewater politics knows that Jeff’s opponent, Matthew Moench, a career politician, is largely responsible for Bridgewater’s current woes, attacks those with divergent views and readily changes his tune if he thinks it will get him votes.  He’s part of the problem, and not the kind of person I want as mayor.  

It’s time for a Change 4 Bridgewater.I have the utmost confidence that Jeffrey Brookner has the skills, experience, dedication and temperament to do the job from day one. Please join me in voting for Jeff Brookner for mayor on Nov. 5.

Julie Novick