To the Editor:
The Raritan Republican candidates for mayor and council have an interesting campaign slogan, “Raritan Raised, Raritan Proud,” on their signs and flyers. Below their photo on the flyer they say they are “The only candidates that will put Raritan First.” 
That sounds a little Trump-like to me. Just substitute America for Raritan. Remember when Trump told four congresswomen to go back to their countries? Diversity is one of the great things about living in America. We have diversity in Raritan too. I know some people don’t like it. That’s too bad. This is 2019, not 1959.  
Raritan had a councilwoman who was not “Raritan Raised,” but served five terms and never lost an election.  There have been others who moved here as an adult and served on council, boards and committees. They all put Raritan first.
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The Republicans claim to be “Raritan Proud.”  Earlier this year at a public meeting, councilman and candidate Paul Giraldi compared Somerset Street to a “Third World Country.” Does that sound like someone who’s “Raritan Proud"?
The Raritan Republicans need to choose the words for their slogans more carefully. Words have meaning.
James Foohey