To the Editor:
I have lived in Bridgewater for 18 years. Our road was private until a few years ago. I have parked in the same spot in front of my home for many years, about 25 feet from stop sign. As you can see from the attached photo, the stop sign is about 50 feet from the intersection, certainly too long of a distance to the actual intersection.
I ALWAYS stop where I can see the traffic left and right before moving with my vehicle and for pedestrians, which is long past the stop sign.  My question is: is this stop sign properly placed? Are there one, two or three stops for this intersection? Can this stop sign be placed closer to the intersection? 
I was issued a parking ticket the other night. While the officer was within the law to write the ticket, I believe that this stop sign is improperly placed. I am displeased that this officer did not give us a warning as the plates for the vehicle come back to this address. But I feel he needed his quota. How sad is it for Bridgewater Township to have to do this kind of ticketing?
Beth Klein