To the Editor:

Anyone who calls Martinsville home knows that our part of Bridgewater is unique. It goes beyond having our own post office, though that certainly does set us apart.  For those who have lived here their whole lives, or for those who have moved here recently, Martinsville is a community inside a community – close-knit, friendly, a great place to raise a family. Certainly that is what my late husband, Bob, and I thought in 1965, when we settled here with our three young children, Robert (“Bobby”), Kathleen and Allison. A couple of years later, our fourth child, Tim, was born. Tim is now running for township council and I am writing my fellow Martinsville residents to tell you a bit more about him and ask that you consider supporting him in next week’s election.

Tim has been standing up for Martinsville from a young age, though initially he didn’t have much of a choice. Our family has lived in a house on Chimney Rock Road since we moved here, in a home just above the quarry. Not many people remember this, but there was a time in the 1980s when the County of Somerset sought to turn part of the quarry into a trash dump. Needless to say, we Martinsville residents were not happy with the proposal, and we lobbied our county freeholders to stop it.  I dragged Tim along with me to many freeholder meetings, and he saw firsthand what can be done when a dedicated group of citizens come together for a good cause. Working together as a community, we stopped the dump project, and my son caught the public service bug in the process.

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Since then, Tim has always been dedicated to serving this community, both our corner of Bridgewater and the town. A graduate of BRHS East (Class of 1987) and an Eagle Scout, he decided to be a bit different than my husband and his older brother (both volunteer firefighters) and joined the Martinsville Rescue Squad. Thirty-two years later, Tim is a former chief of the Martinsville Squad and a current deputy chief of the Green Knoll Rescue Squad.  He is also a member of Somerset County’s Search and Rescue team and is a corporate safety and security professional.  He, his wife, Terri, and my granddaughters Elizabeth (BRHS Class of 2017) and Amanda (BRHS Class of 2019) have raised five golden retrievers for The Seeing Eye, a non-profit that trains guide dogs to assist individuals with impaired eyesight.  Like so many Bridgewater families, they know that our community is at its best when we all pitch in to help each other.

I recognize that I am not exactly an impartial source. I am proud of all four of my children, as any mother would be. But I have lived here in Martinsville for over five decades, and I know a little something about the great character of this small corner of Bridgewater we call home. Just as I am proud of the man Tim became, I know that he will make Martinsville proud on our township council. I hope that you will consider casting your ballot for Timothy Ring for township council and his running mates, Matthew Moench and Michael Kirsh (also fine individuals), in the election on Nov. 5.


Gail Ring