BRIDGEWATER, NJ - As the road improvement plan is continuing to come together in Bridgewater, one resident spoke out at a recent council meeting about the conditions of the roads, and urged the township to investigate and repair as many as possible.

“I am pleased it is recognized that this is critical,” resident Anda Cytroen said. “But the roads are deteriorating.”

Cytroen said she has witnessed near misses of pedestrians as a result of vehicles trying to avoid potholes and other problems in the roads.

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She said she is trying to get more information about upcoming road projects and plans for which roads are to be improved.

“I am hoping to find information on when this will be more public, the likely timeline and sources of funding,” she said.

Township administrator James Naples said the 2017 capital plan is coming to the council shortly.

“Every year, the council looks at all the roads in the township, they take a tour of the roads, and they make a significant effort to make sure each part of the township receives some improvements on an annual basis,” he said.

“It’s not an easy decision because there are limited funds available,” he added. “The council has approved the mayor’s request for additional funds to be used for road improvements in the past few years.”

The mayor is expected to bring the plan for road improvements before the council in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, the township council approved a contract with IH Engineers for the Hunter Road Improvement Project. 

The contract is for $75,468.20, to be paid through the 2016 capital fund.

“We are using surplus funds we had to look at the improvement of Hunter Road, it’s a very heavily used cut-through to get from Bridgewater to Route 78 and Warren,” Naples said. 

Naples said they last improved that section of road in 2006.

“It’s heavily potholed, and, because of the traffic it gets, we can use some surplus funds for design,” he said.