Dear Bridgewater Neighbors and Residents,

Please attend the planning board meeting this Tuesday, Aug. 9 at 7 p.m. On the agenda is the preliminary and final site plan approvals for the 220 high density rental units to be built by Eden Woods. This proposed development is on the former Weyerhauser site. The entrance to this site is a private road off of Main Street between the traffic light at Finderne Avenue and the light at Ramsey/Pearl Streets.

We need your participation to continue our opposition to this high density rental development. 220 apartments are proposed including one-, two- and three-bedroom units. The additional cars will add to the traffic on Main St, Pearl St, Finderne Ave. The additional children will add to our already overcrowded classrooms.
The testimony that was given at the last Planning Board meeting exposed environmental concerns that were unknown to the developer. These unknown conditions include:
Private wells in use by the homeowners in the adjacent neighborhood that are in danger of contamination from excavation of hazardous materials.
A close proximity to the Amercan Cyanamid Superfund Site that could be disturbed. Unaware and ignorant of its existence, the developer could not possibly have a plan to assure the community and the planning board that proceeding with project is safe for the residents. 
The storm water and drainage plans were not introduced at the last meeting. When they are addressed, are we to expect  the same disregard for the impact to the neighbors' wells, and basements? The impact of the drainage into the Raritan River also needs to be addressed. We need to attend the meeting on Tuesday and future meetings to be ready to question the "experts" about these issues.

The developer's architect refused to answer the question about how many renters were expected for this complex. This projection should be reported. There should be an analysis of the number anticipated renters.  Will 220 units result in 400 adults and 100 children? Will there be of 400 cars pulling out of the private road onto Main St? How many will likely go toward Manville, Somerville, or Bound Brook? What other streets will likely be impacted? Which schools will likely be impacted?  These answers will impact our community and its infrastructure. The impacts and analysis should be well defined before the Council agrees to further support this development. 
Bridgewater is changing and not for the better. Rampant development of commercial projects takes away the suburban charm of this once quiet township. We are fighting for our way of life, our safety and our property. Please let your voices be heard.

PS: Please share this message with anyone you know who is concerned with the over development of our Township.Encourage your friends and neighbors to send  their e-mail addresses John Kulak at .
John Kulak