To the Editor:

Two hundred twenty high density rental apartments are to be built on the former Weyerhauser site.

Please attend the Bridgewater Township Planning Board meeting this Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 7:00 p.m.  Your voice is critical. This is the third time the board will meet to hear this proposal.

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The meeting will be held in the Bridgewater Township Municipal Court Facility, 100 Commons Way.

Please pass this message on to your neighbors and friends not on this e-mail list.

Our neighborhoods and quality of life are under attack. Eden Woods' project adds 700 renters, 450 cars to our streets and 400 students to our schools. The project is too dense to inflict on these last remaining, single family neighborhoods in FInderne. It is the most concentrated rental project in all of Bridgewater. The planning board needs to hear from you.  The developer, Amy Neu and her key supporter, Mayor Hayes, are pushing hard to push this project through the planning board this Tuesday. They have requested many variances from the plan that are designed to cut costs, add renters and ignore the needs of the nearby homeowners.
Right now hundreds of apartments are being built in nearby communities including Bridgewater. These units remain un-rented despite offering more desirable locations and move in ready units. In an already overbuilt market this project is doomed to fail.

Here are some items that need to be addressed at this meeting:
    Multiple, New School Bus Routes on Ramsey, Field Streets  and Manville Blvd. 
    (400 new students at a cost of 18,939.00 per student at a  Total Cost of $7.5 million plus the cost of redistricting)
    Additional Testimony on the Traffic Study with impacts to Main Street, Route 22, Route 28, Finderne Ave.Fulton,     Morton and Pearl Streets.
    Pedestrian Traffic Safety : through our neighborhood to school buses, Harry Ally park and retailers on Main St.
    Garbage Service restricted to one Vendor. Rodent and vermin prevention/extermination.
    Lighting Pollution Plans, Landscape Barriers Fencing along Ramsey Street property owners backyards.
    Final Location of Detention Basin and Pocket Park (proposed at the end of Field St and Manville Blvd.)
    Construction Restrictions, Noise, Dust, Lighting, Hours of Operation.
    Open drainage ditches and the dangers and health hazards created.
If you don't like speaking at public meetings, send me the items you would like to bring to the planning board. I will do my best to represent your interests. However, the more individual voices that are heard, the louder the message.


John Kulak