BRIDGEWATER, NJ - After what was called the fourth largest snowstorm on record, several residents spoke before the township council Monday with concerns over the snowplowing, or lack thereof, following the snowfall.

South Avenue resident Karen Ennis said her street had not been plowed by 36 hours after the start of the snowfall.

“During the 24-hour blizzard, not once did the Bridgewater snow plow come up and down our street,” she said.

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On the Monday following the storm, Ennis said, the accumulating snow was cleared from the street by another company, not Bridgewater public works or its third party company.

“No snow is ever removed by anyone from Bridgewater,” she said. “No other taxpayer is able to make that same claim.”

Township administrator James Naples said he has addressed this concern with public work, and is hopeful that will never happen again.

Another resident expressed concern about township employees who do not follow public ordinances concerning clearing of sidewalks. He said the township has an ordinance that requires all residents, businesses and organizations that have sidewalks to clear them within 12 hours of daylight.

Those who do not follow the ordinance will be billed for the cost of the township to clear it, plus a fine.

But, the resident said, there is a section at the library where the sidewalks are not shoveled.

“What are the repercussions when the town doesn’t follow its own ordinance?” he asked.

Naples said the town is responsible for that sidewalk, and he will address it with public works to make sure it is cleared.

Overall, the township council said, there were lots of employees out working to plow in the township during the blizzard.

“We had people running around the clock for three days with four-hour breaks as mandated,” Naples said. “We want to thank the employees and everyone who contributed to the snow removal effort, patrolling or doing their job in the storm.”

Naples said the township will continue addressing individual concerns about snow removal.