BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Students are allowed to ride their bicycles to school — but it is not necessarily recommended when it comes to traveling on Garretson Road to Bridgewater-Raritan High School.

Interim principal Mark Morrell said students who choose to ride their bicycles to school can lock them against the fence behind the 200 building.

“There is not a large group of students who choose to ride their bikes,” he said.

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But, Morrell said, students who live on Garretson Road are afforded courtesy busing because it is a safety hazard.

Courtesy busing is provided to students who live within 2 miles of a school, but who would have to cross busy intersections or heavily traveled roads to get to their schools.

Morrell said riding on Garretson Road is not the safest way to get there.

“Even last year, we had students who were crossing from the YMCA who were struck by a car,” he said. “So while students can in fact ride their bikes, it is not a good idea from a safety perspective.”

As for the possibility of installing a bicycle rack in the front of the school for anyone who does want to ride to school, Morrell said it would depend on the interest of the students.

“If there is a significant interest on the part of students, we could consider budgeting for a bike rack for next year,” he said. “Of course, this would have to be in excess of our current capacity chaining to the fence.”