BRIDGEWATER, NJ - After a long winter, spring has arrived with potholes galore, but Bridgewater Township is on the case.

The council introduced a bond ordinance for road improvements Saturday which is expected to allocate $3,895,000 for various road improvements in Bridgewater Township. The council will be taking $3,700,250 in bonds.

Bridgewater Township Administrator James Naples said that the roads designated for improvements are chosen based on certain criteria.

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“We try to look at roads that need the most improvement,” he said, “which ones carry the most traffic, which ones are deteriorating rapidly or are in great need for repair.”

Naples also said that the price for road repair this year is a bit higher in comparison to previous years.

“Each year over the past four years the mayor has dedicated more money to road improvements,” he said.

The road improvements will be done on Steele Gap Road, John Christian Drive, Coriell Drive, Talamini Road, Country Club Road, Meadow Road, Hillcrest Road, Allen Road, Vosseller Avenue, Walnut Avenue and Mount Vernon Road. The cost of this work is estimated at $3,695,000.

There will also be various road overlays done throughout the town, for $200,000.

There are short-term and long-term goals for roadwork, Naples said.

“In the short term, we hired contractors to quickly overlay areas,” he said. “We are using in-house operating funds to fill the potholes.”

In the long-term, Naples said, the roads will be fully reconstructed.

The projects will be done throughout the summer and fall, according to Naples.

“Once schools are out for summer, we start the projects because it doesn’t affect bus routes,” he said.

A public hearing for the bond ordinance will be held at the municipal building April 20 at 7:30 p.m.

Copies of the ordinance are available to the public at no cost during the regular business hours at the Bridgewater Township Clerk’s Office.

To report potholes, visit the Bridgewater Township website at