RARITAN, NJ - It takes someone who truly understands chronic disease to create programs and tools to combat it.

Rick Thomas, a long-time Johnson & Johnson veteran and entrepreneur, recently launched Synergia Opcare, with the most comprehensive portfolio of tools to assist physicians, hospitals and insurers to keep patients on track with their prescribed clinical plan.

“During this decade, physicians will encounter increased administrative demands unlike any we have previously experienced," said Stephen D. Ford, MD Attending Physician Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway. "Our goal must be to push forward the quality of the practice of medicine while still meeting these demands. The Synergia Opcare model addresses those needs by enhancing patient involvement, which translates to a better healthcare model.”

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Because of changes to reimbursement via the federal government, chronic care codes were added, allowing healthcare professionals to be reimbursed for patient counseling and education, which is crucial for success in patient adherence. Thomas said the program “is expected to be successful in approximately 75 percent of patients.”

Synergia Opcare forecasts covering 470,000 patient lives in 2016.

Synergia Opcare’s new website can be found at http://www.synergiaopcare.net.