It's all too often that a patient comes to my clinic afraid to squat because their Doctor had told them "it's bad for your knees."

Patients seem confused when I smile back and ask, "How did you just sit down and stand up out of that chair if you aren't able to squat?"

You see, advice like this is handed out all too often, and I'm on a mission to have that conversation and let people know why it simply isn't correct.

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No, squatting is not bad for your knees. In fact, without squatting you will be rendered unable to function each and every day. 

Picking up your child? Yes, you need to squat.

Getting on and off the toilet? Yep, that requires squatting too.

The list goes on and on...

What's most important (in my opinion) is to make sure that people are simply aware of how to squat with proper form and technique. 

At my practice, we 'teach' as much as we 'treat'. We ask and expect that a patient will take an active role in their health. We like them to understand their body and how THEY can take control of their health (and not be scared into avoiding everything or worse, into a possibly unnecessary procedure like an injection or surgery). 

Realize that 'movement is life' and at all costs, you NEED to keep moving properly to live that active and fit lifestyle that you want.

Don't let anyone, not even your doctor, take that away from you!