BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Bridgewater resident Chris McDonnell is ready to make his mark on the comedy world – starting with his new Amazon movie, “McDick.”

The movie, McDonnell said, is described as being about the world’s worst cop who is fired and becomes the world’s worst detective.

“He soon finds himself the worst target of every criminal in town, and he has no idea why,” he said. “He must overcome his utter stupidity to solve the case and save his life.”

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McDonnell said the project is based off a script he wrote with his brother, Michael, and costars Mo Collins and Danny Trejo.

McDonnell said he has been pursuing a comedy acting career for years, but this is the first time his work has become widely available.

“I’ve been in a series of short films previously, and am slated to appear in two more comedy features this year,” he said.

McDonnell said comedy has always been his passion.

“It’s extremely gratifying to be able to deliver comedic performances,” he said.

“I’ve always felt a love for comedy for as long as I can remember,” he added. “Laughter has a wonderful way of bringing people together.”

McDonnell and his wife, Gina, have lived in Bridgewater for over a year. He said his wife is from town, so it was a natural fit to begin looking there for a place to live.

“I love how there’s access to both rural areas and parks, while at the same time being able to enjoy a developing city,” he said. “The proximity to New York City and Pennsylvania is great, and it’s such a perfect place to raise a family.”

Next up, McDonnell said, he’ll be acting in a film shooting in August and co-starring in an action comedy film that will be produced later in 2019. In addition, he said, he is planning to pitch a New York City-based comedy series.

“I’m excited for more opportunities to come along as a result of the ‘McDick’ film now being out there,” he said.