BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Martinsville resident Patricia Beronio wants to provide her children and grandchildren with the information they would want to know about her life – and she started with publishing a story about her late father.

“I’m also working on the story of my life, so that my grandkids will know me better, when they’re older and begin to be interested in knowing such things,” she said. “Unfortunately, most people don’t begin to question things about their background until all the folks who can answer those questions are long gone.”

Beronio started with the story of her father, George Papawick, who died at age 62. She recently published, “George Papawick: How One Man Changed Manville.”

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“None of his nine grandchildren knew my dad because he died at age 62, and his first three grandchildren were under 4 years of age at that time,” she said. “Since dad did such amazing things in his life, I decided that I had to document them or they would be lost to history.”

Want to know more about the book and the man who changed Manville? Check out the December issue of The BReeze, hitting homes next week!