BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Council president Matthew Moench took the win in the Republican primary election for mayor Tuesday, defeating incumbent Mayor Dan Hayes to run for the position in November's general election, according to the unofficial results from Bridgewater Township.

Moench received a total of 2,761 votes, to Hayes's 1,600.

"This was a great team victory with our volunteers and two great council candidates," Moench said. "I am very thankful to all the Republican voters who participated in the election, whether they voted for me or the mayor. It is very important that people take an interest in town government, as it effects them most."

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Moench said he is looking forward to working with Hayes over the next few months to prepare for the fall campaign and transition from his mayorship.

"I thank the mayor for all his service to the community, and his service as a councilman and the mayor," Moench said.

Moench's running mates for the two open seats on the township council, Michael Kirsh and Timothy Ring, also took the wins Tuesday, against incumbent Christine Henderson Rose and Meena Arvind. Kirsh and Ring received 2,639 and 2,746 votes, respectively, while Rose and Arvind received 1,597 and 1,411 votes, respectively.

"We're very appreciative to all of our supporters who bought into our vision of smart planning, limited development and consistent conservative budget discipline," Kirsh said. "We believe that's a winning message, not only for tonight, but for the full electorate in November."

Ring expressed his gratitude to the voters.

"As a political newcomer, I am extremely humbled and grateful for tonight's results," he said.

Rose, who has served several terms on the council, said she will continue to support the township.

"I will continue to do good things for the township in other ways," she said.

Moench, Kirsh and Ring will vy for the open mayoral and council seats on the Republican ticket in the general elections, against Democrats Jeffrey Brookner for mayor, and John Arcoleo and Patty Selikoff for council.

Brookner, Arcoleo and Selikoff ran unopposed in Tuesday's primary for the Democratic nomination.

On the county side, incumbent Republican freeholder Patricia Walsh won in Bridgewater, with 2,947 votes to 2,597 for challenger Robert Quinn. She defeated him countywide, according to unofficial results, 8,217 to 5,016.

The Democratic candidate, Melonie Marano, ran unopposed.

For sheriff, on the Republican side, Tim Pino won in Bridgewater, with 3,315 votes to 2,451 for William Parenti. On the Democratic side, Darren Russo won Bridgewater over Art Akins, with 1,749 votes to 1,236.

Pino lost to Parenti in the county-wide tally, according to the unofficial results, with 6,721 total votes for Pino and 6,944 total votes for Parenti. Russo defeated Akins county-wide, 6,873 to 4,657.

Bridgewater Township had about a 15 percent turnout for Tuesday's primary election, with about 5,004 voting out of 32,347 registered voters.