BRIDGEWATER, NJ - The Bridgewater Township Council’s ratification of a series of resolutions on Nov. 9 included making budget transfers, securing body armor for police officers and dealing with continuing road improvements. 

All resolutions passed unanimously by vote of the five council members.

The council first authorized budget transfers for fiscal year 2017 appropriations in the amount of $89,082 in the current fund. Township administrator James Naples said that such measures can only be carried out after November, when monies can be moved into areas that are short of funds.

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The council also canceled current appropriations for $68,296. This included the salary for a library vendor, where the county lowered the cost, with other items under discussion, according to the council. 

Naples added that it was for non-cleaning items, such as room set-ups.

The council also approved the purchases of police body armor and bulletproof vests. One resolution allows for a special item of revenue in the 2017 budget for $6,686 for the NJ Body Armor Replacement Fund, while the second appropriates $8,769 for the 2017 Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant. 

Naples said that bulletproof vests have a limited shelf life, and needed to be periodically replaced.

In addition to these payments, the council approved the purchase of an emergency pump system from Reiner Pump Systems for the Gilbride Pumping Station. The cost is $43,600, and comes from the 2017 Sewer Operating Fund. 

Naples said he had visited the station 13 years ago, and that a replacement pump had also been procured nine years ago.

“They go through a lot of wear and tear,” he said.

In addition to purchases, the council authorized a change in scope to a professional services contract for additional detail design services for more drainage and a storm water detention system for the Hillcrest Road Improvement Project. The contract price with the firm of Keller and Kirkpatrick, Inc. rose from $64,700 to $77,425, an increase of $12,725.

“This will complete the improvement on Hillcrest Road,” Naples said.

He added that one neighbor had not allowed an easement through their property.

“This will finally resolve it,” he said.