GLOUCESTER CITY-The NJ Tree Foundation, in partnership with the Gloucester City Green Team and Shade Tree Board, planted 11 trees along Park Avenue and in Shane Chapman Park on October 16th, 2019. Gloucester City residents like Joyce Calzonetti worked closely with the NJ Tree Foundation to make the tree planting project possible.The trees will provide shade and beauty for years to come. Shane Chapman Memorial Park sits along a planned route on the Circuit Trail, an 800 mile network of trails that spans the Greater Philadelphia area. The trails are a free and safe way to hike, bike, and walk. The William Penn Foundation has provided funding to the NJ Tree Foundation for street trees along the Circuit Trail in Camden and Gloucester City. 

“We are very thankful to the Meredith Brown at the NJ Tree Foundation for her continuing support of Gloucester City.  Meredith has been a pleasure to work with and this tree planting is an example of that devotion to our environment. The City also thanks our unsung hero in the effort to promote trees all around the City, Joyce Calzonetti.  When Joyce is not volunteering to walk the City to rid the litter in our parks and in our riverfront area, she is pruning the trees along the Broadway corridor. Her profound impact to the sustainability of our City is greatly appreciated by Mayor Spencer and Council” explains Lori Ryan, Director of Community Development for Gloucester City and representative for the Gloucester City Green Team. 

Volunteers from Rutgers Camden, Gloucester City High School, and surrounding communities came out on a weekday to plant the trees. Volunteers learned how trees combat stormwater runoff and benefit the urban environment. In addition to the tree planting, volunteers were treated to a presentation from the NJ Americorps Watershed Ambassadors Program, a service program focused on environmental education. 

Trees are very important to an urban landscape. They soak up excess stormwater, filter out pollutants, purify the air, and provide wildlife habitat. Since 2002, the NJ Tree Foundation has planted 7,242 trees in Camden and Gloucester City. For more information on the Circuit Trails, please visit To learn more about the NJ Tree Foundation or its volunteer events, please visit Additional information about the Gloucester City Shade Shade Tree Board can be found at: