As a born and raised native of Camden, NJ and a mother of 5 beautiful children, I realized that our youth lack cultural understanding. Culture is a part of people’s way to live such as learned behavior, values, morals, art, law, symbols, traditions and heritage. Yet our community lack these examples because it is not taught or passed down to our youth. Bringing the awareness of cultural differences will make a change in our community were kids can learn to be kids, teenagers can be teenagers, respect one another, learning how to embrace different cultures, support each other and our community.

I believe this can also cause crime rates to decrease. I want the community leaders to come together to hold cultural workshops, I want the Camden city schools to hold cultural events, where parents and students can participate. As a parent in the North Camden neighborhood, I’m hosting an event based on cultural differences in hopes of the community become informed and aware of our differences and similarities, to become encouraged to make a change in our community, to empower the youth to be the change.

Jennifer Perez