Greetings Camden City Families,

My name is Clayton Gonzalez and many of you may know me from my involvement in Camden City Schools.

My journey in education began the moment my family migrated to this city in 1992. As a young scholar I was enrolled in traditional district’s public schools, attending Lanning Square Family School for most of my academic career. As a student, I was inspired by many of my teachers & school staff, and their determination to watch us all progress.

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Fast-forward many years later, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of those extraordinary teachers who inspired me, such as Ms. Sapowsky, Vets School principal, and Ms. Kaeferle, Vets school teacher, who were both teachers of mine during my time in Lanning Square.

During my employment with the School district as a security officer, I was able to observe firsthand the many challenges school support staff like office staff and school officers confronted, and the limits we would go, to ensure the overall safety of all of our schools. Furthering my time in the district, I was given the opportunity to serve my community in a much larger capacity, as I was promoted and given the opportunity to serve as the Community School Coordinator.

As the school coordinator, I was able to hear, share and address concerns families encountered during their child’s academic career, in our school, and in our district.

Before you today, I am a product of Camden City Public school, a graduate of Camden County Community College and looking to continue my education with Rutgers University (Camden) to focus on my law degree.  Currently, I serve my community through the Camden County Police Department as a Juvenile detective.

My experience as a Law Enforcement Officer, and now a Detective, has truly expanded my passion and desire to continue my involvement with Camden city School District scholars. Many may not know I am a father to three, and an uncle to many in the district.

It is my personal mission to work to enhance, and provide a successful academic career for my children, my nieces, my cousins and all of their peers who live right here in my city the GREAT CITY OF CAMDEN. My desire to serve has grown over the years and contributing as a member of the school board has been a personal goal of mine for some time.

Taking on one of the most important responsibilities, by adopting policies, creating collaborations with all school types, and developing school curriculums, is not something neither I, nor anyone should take, lightly.

These are critical times for public education loaded with challenges, such as strategic budgeting, retaining well-equipped and talented school staff, and overall school performance, to include state standardized test progress. To me, there is satisfaction in energetically confronting tough challenges, and working cordially with others, to overcome them.

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements to hold a seat, I believe I can bring many other valuable attributes to this position, such as.

Furthermore, I enjoy meeting people from all different walks of life. More importantly, I am always willing to take risks that will lead to the long-term sustainability of education in Camden. Even when that means having the tough conversations with the superintendent, board colleagues, and stakeholders within the city of Camden.

Again, my name is Clayton Gonzalez, and I am running for Camden City School Board with the “Education for Everyone” slate and if you want to truly see education in Camden continue to RISE, IT'S AS EASY AS VOTING 1, 2 and 3.

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