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NJ Transit Wants Your Thoughts on New Rand Center

January 24, 2023

CAMDEN, NJ – Want a say on using public transit in the city?

Two public information sessions will be held on January 30 by New Jersey Transit on the planned Walter Rand Transportation Center, which will undergo a $250-million modernization.

The transit agency calls its project "customer focused" and invites public input.

The first session of the day will be ...

After 100 Years Near Waterfront, PSE&G Will Move Electric Equipment

CAMDEN, NJ – For nearly 100 years, the building and its yard full of electrical equipment powered Camden homes and businesses.

Sitting near the Delaware River waterfront, it has seen massive change in the city since 1927, including the rise – and fall – of the Riverfront State Prison, which was built next door in 1985 and torn down in 2010. Cooper's Poynt Waterfront Park ...

2023: Residential, Commercial Development Coming to Camden

CAMDEN, NJ – When Ablett Village was constructed, World War II had just begun, and housing was needed for defense workers and their families as wartime production accelerated across the nation.

Eighty years later, those aging, squat brick buildings once intended to help the war effort house more than 600 residents in Cramer Hill at the city's oldest operating public housing ...


OPINION: Motorists, State Lawmakers and Police Must Work Together to Curb Auto Theft

January 4, 2023

New Jersey is experiencing a rash of car thefts not experienced since the 1980s, when vehicles were easily hotwired and sent off to chop shops for cash windfalls.

Today, with the enormous advancement in anti-theft technology, including keyless ignition and engine immobilizers, one would assume that it would be near impossible to steal a car these days. Yet we are facing this enormous, and ...

The Jaffe Briefing - January 27, 2023

TRENTON – Everyone hates telemarketers. If we want an extended car warranty, we will go buy it ourselves, thank you very much. Some state officials share our pain, proposing a bill that would require telemarketers 30 seconds to give their real name, their real company and the real product/service they are actually selling. New Jersey Globe reports this proposed law has been in the works for ...