Dear Editor,

Some bemoan the fact that they received a SPAM e-mail from a fellow parent. Such e-mails sent by a parent to another parent you do not recognize could easily be deleted. To suggest that a person sending someone else an e-mail is “unethical” is “doth protesting too much.”

I’m worried about much more important issues such as a BOE that is taking out a twenty year $25M mortgage, over 50 percent of it devoted to two dubious projects. Those projects are a performing arts center and building new administrative offices in the middle school when classroom space is at such a premium.

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For the BOE to write a convoluted referendum question, that even a Philadelphia lawyer couldn’t decipher, and then not write an interpretative statement to explain to the voters paying the bills, that’s what I think is the real “lack of ethics.”  We have a profound respect for ALL citizens, which is why we want an interpretative statement and explanations of the impact of the BOE actions on The Chathams.

In the Township, the loss of revenue would mean added taxes to make up for the $60,000 now paid by the BOE to the Township. $60,000 might not sound like much; but, to a small municipality struggling with a 2 percent cap, it is.

In the Borough, the site for the proposed performing arts center takes away the seating area where Chathamites go each year to view the July 4th fireworks display. If the oval is occupied by a building, the middle school property can no longer be used to view the fireworks display. Say goodbye to a Chatham tradition; all in the name of a performing arts center we do not need.

Interestingly, the Chatham High School Theater department has been nominated for seven Montclair Theatre Night Awards for their production of Firebirds and Snow Angel, a pair of one-act plays performed in November 2014. Montclair State University created their annual “Theatre Night” awards to recognize excellence in New Jersey’s high school non-musical productions. The mission of the awards is to promote and advance commitment to high quality play production in New Jersey’s high schools. And guess what? We didn’t need a PAC to achieve this prestigious nomination.

Stand up for your right of choice and join me in voting NO on Question 2 on April 21st.


Len Resto

Chatham, NJ