To the Editor:

It was a privilege to run for office in Chatham Borough and have the opportunity to meet so many of its fine residents. In addition, it was an honor to work toward revitalization of the Democratic Party here in town and reintroduction of multiparty representation on the Borough Council. Evidently we still have some work to do in this regard.

I intend to continue in that effort. Procedural checks and balances is especially necessary at the local level to promote the political virtues of transparency and accountability, which in turn are essential to good government. I shall also continue to fight the overly ambitious aspects of the revision to the Master Plan, in particular the proposed multistory parking garage downtown and the extensive redevelopment scheme that would create a "transit village" around the train station and along Main Street. Lastly, I will work assiduously as a private citizen to increase the numbers of police officers in town to a level sufficient to their needs and to support the fire department's effort to modernize and upgrade its equipment.

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I want to thank those voters who supported my candidacy for Borough Council this year. Chatham Borough is a lovely small suburban town and worth fighting for to keep it that way. This I shall continue to do in the months and years ahead.

Thaddeus J Kobylarz
Chair, Chatham Borough Democratic Party Committee